Earn Revenue With BOT Trading from Bitconnect

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Earn Revenue With BOT Trading from Bitconnect || Are you a trader in the world of crypto ??? If yes you must try one of the investment instruments provided by Bitconnect, But remember every word investment in the online world is high risk, Use your money.

Before long I explain you have to list here first , or here Bitconnect .

You can invest BitConnect at Lend Bitconnect after you register and login please BitConnect Dashboard, This investment option involves the advantages of Bitconnect bot trading and volatility software. You will receive daily profits based on your investment choices. Upon completion of the investment term, you will receive CAPITAL to take from the Lend Bitconnect platform or optionally reinvest the loan platform to continue to receive daily profits.

BitConnect Coin Advantages

If you want to invest in Lend BitConnect, you must purchase BitConnect Coin, Buy BitConnect coin from  BCC Exchange  View on the left of the dashboard screen.

1. First Bitcoins Deposit

  1. Visit the BCC trade page:   https://bitconnect.co/user/trade?Market=BCC
  2. Just Click  “Green Button”  to get your BitCoin  deposit address  .
  3. Once Bitcoin is sent to the   Bitcoin address  you will see unconfirmed transactions appear by waiting for confirmation on  the transaction history page  . It will be fully confirmed and available for trading with  3 bitcoin network confirmation  . It can take about  30 minutes  or more of time depending on the bitcoin network so do not worry and wait quietly.

2.  Buy BitConnect coins  from BCC Securities

  1. Once you see the balance in your BitCoin wallet visit the BCC trade page:   https://bitconnect.co/user/trade?Market=BCC
  2. Simply Fill out the BitConnect Coin (BCC) buy form for the price you want and click “Buy BitConnect Coin” Button.

(  Remember:  Bitcoins You get into your escrow account until successful trading execution if bid price is lower than seller asking price).

3. Lend or Investment BitConnect Coin (BCC) from BitConnect wallet

  1. After all your BCC is filled with your  BitConnect wallet  , go to your user’s Dashboard and press ”  lend BitConnect button  “. The Invest Bitconnect box will appear. Enter the amount you want to lend or invest in  USD  .
  2. Once you have read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, check the small box.
  3. Now you can choose to ”  pay from BitConnect wallet”   using the buttons at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Once you have a click to pay from the BitConnect wallet, a confirmation box will appear. Press ”  confirm button  “.
  5. You will see a confirmation message, stating ”  payment is complete  .” You did it! Transaction completed. Make sure you must have need a certain amount of BitConnect Coin in your  BitConnect wallet  .

♦ Loan Guides

1) When will the loan interest be added to my account? 

This will be added every 24 hours your loan transaction has been approved. All loan transactions will be treated separately for interest payments. Read more

2) I usually get a daily profit from a loan but why are no interest payments received today?

Daily profit is not guaranteed. The interest rate you earn daily using a platform that our investment is calculated with BitConnect Software Price Volatility and accrued daily. Some days, profit may be 0%. Read more

3) Why will the incoming shield not allow me to pull my bitcoin or bitconnect from my account?

Login Security Shield Verification is very important to keep your account secure from any unauthorized transactions from BitConnect and requires you to verify your login details every time you login from another browser or device. Read more

4)  I have transferred bitcoin from another wallet How long does it take to confirm my balance?

Bitconnect confirms deposits with our 1 bitcoin network confirmation. It usually takes 10 minutes but sometimes it can take longer than usual. Read more

5) What is the minimum amount to reinvest a bitconnect loan?

The minimum amount to reinvest is $ 10 and in multiples of $ 10.  Read more

6) Why do I have a negative balance in my Bitcoin or BitConnect wallet?

When you send a bitcoin / bitconnect to another wallet, a small fee is required (not saved by us) paid to the blockchain. Read more

7) Am I getting eligible for an additional percentage if I compound my investment into 1010?

Not Every loan amount is treated separately and you will not be eligible to have an additional 0.10% on your loan. Payment of interest on the loan depends on how much each loan amount is. Read more

8) After finishing my loan contract, will I get back USD or BCC?

You will receive USD back into your loan wallet. Read more

9) What is the minimum withdrawal of BTC amount and withdrawal fee?

Minimum bitcoin You can withdraw from your bitcoin wallet 0.005 BTC. Bitconnect charges the dynamic bitcoin network fees charged by miners for faster confirmation. Read more