How to generate a Bitcoin From Advertising

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How to generate a Bitcoin From Advertising || In the world there are a thousand and one ways bitcoin to get bitcoin, from how to buy from the exchanger or by way of getting it for free, to hear the word “Free” of course everyone loves the smell that’s For free, this time I will share about how to generate a Bitcoin From Advertising

Anonymous Ads or commonly called the a-ads is an advertising medium, There we can advertise (Advertise) or the Publisher (Publisher), to get the bitcoin free we will become publisher, before we become the publisher media do you have to display these ads?

My media maksut here is a blog or a website that has visitors or visitor, the more visitors to our blog or website later we will get more and more free, bitcoin Before my explanation is getting longer and more wide, let us return to the discussion of how to generate a Bitcoin From Advertising

  1. Register as a publisher in a-site ads here, fill in the data requested in this website.
  2. If registration is completed next click the “Earn” in the top left corner.
  3. In the Ad Unit Type Selec “” select “Site” and choose which ad size to your liking and don’t forget to enter the Url of your site there.
  4. Then in the “Content Filter” there you can block ads that you don’t want to appear later in your site, for example, we do not want to display ads that are “Gambling”, the contreng “Disallow Gambling“.
  5. In the “Set Parameters” select “Withdraw To Bitcoin Address” the contents of the bitcoin address you guys and in the form of “Withdrawal Threshold” just let it blank so that when the balance we’ve 0.001 BTC directly send to address bitcoin y’all.
  6. To succeed in the ad unit here create your next stay to install the ad code in your blog or website in place as you want
  7. Up here you live menunggulah bitcoin will be gushing daily into the address bitcoin Payments you will send in a bitcoin times a day if you guys achieve balance 0.001 Bitcoin.