The easy way to buy and sell BITCOIN in Indonesia With TRIV

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The easy way to buy and sell BITCOIN in Indonesia With TRIV || If you want to buy or sell a bitcoin with how easy and fast the TRIV. CO.iD is the solution, because the TRIV supports all banks in indonesia and the process is very fast, this is the stages using the site TRIV.CO.ID:

1. Login/Signup


Before you can use this site to do the sale or purchase of your BITCOIN, first registered at this site, how to list him? Please here: fill your data correctly and take the stages follow, easy isn’t it.


After completing the stages above registration please login to begin the purchase or sale of the bitcoin you have, Please here: 


To purchase a bitcoin on TRIV is easy, please Click the menu BUY or please fill in the payment method that you want to do with the BANK’S methods, e.g. type of V-money: choose BITCOIN then Click Continue and complete the payment or clay in the image below for more details:

3. Sell Bitcoin

Before selling the BANK account, make sure your bitcoin already in the add in MY Account-Profile-My Financial and BITCOIN account you’re in TRIV, if not please deposit and if the accounts are already available in the BITCOIN TRIV please Click the menu Sell or after that select bank account and the type of V-Money Select BITCOIN and determine how you guys will sell the Bitcoin afterwards please Click Continue Please see the picture below for more details: