How To Buy TopUp Voucher All Operators With Bitcoin

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How To Buy TopUp Voucher All Operators With Bitcoin || Very many sites providing purchase pulse Topup with bitcoin payments but at this time the article I will use the TRIV, why I use TRIV? I will answer one by one:

-First: TRIV Provides Address bitcoin to store results of the bitcoin I am looking for spare change on the websites of the giver of the Bitcoin free, After you’ve collected I could buy into a pulse to buy a package of internet or Electrical Pulses so that the Laptop is still on.

-Second: Bitcoin I have collect direct can I Exchange to the other E-Currency: PM, Okpay, Paypal, Payza and others.

-Third: Additionally with TRIV we can withdraw Bitcoin became Rupiah to all banks in indonesia with instant.

Very much not profit we use TRIV, let us return to the previous discussion how to buy TopUp Voucher all operators With Bitcoin, follow the following stages:

1. Please access the web page


2. Log in using the account you currently have, if you don’t have an account please register or create a new account, or read the following article for more details how to easily buy and sell BITCOIN in Indonesia With TRIV.

3. After successful login please mouse button “, the Token” on pujok.
4. Enter the No Hp you and the nominal pulse that will be purchased and do not forget to select the payment method as the Bitcoin, if all have been filled with the right mouse button hereafter Continue at the corner of bottom
5. You will be on the “Transaction Details” If there is an error e.g. incorrect No Hp you can press the button “Back” to fix it, and if it is where all the data in the content is correct please mouse button “Continue” to complete the payment.
6. To make a payment please Copy the Address bitcoinnya and the number of the bitcoin dibayarankan shall be in accordance with the payment given TRIV so that transactions run smoothly.
7. Sit sweetly waiting for incoming pulses.