How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on

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How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on || For the article this time I again discuss tutorial buy pulse using bitcoin specifically using the site after in previous articles I have written how to buy TopUp Voucher all operators With Bitcoin, just we do purchase pulsanya phases as follows:

1. Open the tokobitcoin site

At we do not need to register to be a member of the site to do a purchase transaction, to buy a voucher at just click the Navigator “service” in the corner of the top and then select “Pulse“.

2. Check the operator your phone number!

To check your phone number please enter your mobile number in the column that has been provided, and then click the contreng or see the photos below for more details.

3. Set up a purchase voucher.

Select the nominal pulse that you will buy and then enter your email to get the pulse of the buying process the notification, if it has been done just click the “pay now“.

4. Make a payment

You will navigate to the payment page on the Bitbayar, do the payments to the address that has been provided in the bitcoin and nominal bitcoin shall correspond to the ones in the process have the transaction went smoothly.

5. Wait a few seconds or minutes

Pulse will automatically go into a cell phone number that you are doing the charging pulse.

6. Completed.