How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on

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How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on || On this occasion I will discuss on how to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on special purchase of pulses with bitcoin on, Whereas in previous articles I have also been discussing how to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on and how to buy TopUp Voucher all operators With Bitcoin are also equally discuss how to buy with bitcoin pulses with different sites, I simply describe the stages of purchasing pulsanya :

1. Access the URL from your favorite browser or click here

2. Fill out the purchase data pulses.

Please enter the data of your pulse purchases such as “No HP” on the contents of the No hp you start with 08xxxxxxxxx instead of + 62 8xxxxxxxx, select the “Quantity” you want e.g. nominal Rp Rp 5000, 10000, and to “payment methods” choose Bitcoin (BTC), if all the data it has on the content of the next click “pay now”, you will navigate to the payment page in.

3. Payment Confirmation

To be able to complete your payment confirmation advance payment to the address address bitcoin with nominal antecedent has been specified in the payment page and try a number of bitcoin asked suit a bitcoin on send in order to make the process of pulse purchase transaction went smoothly, if bitcoin has delivered next click “confirm” to confirm the purchase of servers agara pulses.

4. Wait for the delivery of pulses

If you’ve made a payment, Usually a few seconds of incoming pulses due to automatically send pulses in case of pulse purchase transaction.

5. All this and thanks.