How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on

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How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on || If you are a seeker of bitcoin and want to do the charging pulse HP, is one of the sites to fill pulses with bitcoin, let us jump into discussion of his methods is as follows:

1. Please visit the site

2. Do the registration/Signup if you haven’t already signed up before.

3. If you’ve finished signing up or already have an account please Login before triv.

4. Next select “Pulse, Token” to continue purchasing pulses with bitcoin, for more details please see the picture.

5. Fill in the data as you want, for example, No Hp, Nominal pulse that you wish to buy and for the method of payment please select the bitcoin, if it is finished filling the next click “Continue

6. You will be on point to the page “Transacsion details” here you can check whether the details of the purchase voucher is correct, if the content of the data that you’ve felt right next click “Continue”

7. You will navigate to the page in the payment, Please do appropriate payment that has been requested so that the process of purchasing a pulse running smoothly.

8. How to buy TopUp Voucher With Bitcoin on has been completed in the doing, Please wait a few minutes to receive the pulse in your mobile phone.

9. Tingggalkan please comment if you have additional questions.