How to Shop Online Using Bitcoin on

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How to Shop Online Using Bitcoin on || is a site that provides a variety of products that are on sale from The adult male and female t-shirts are also available for children of both oanjang as well as sleeve short sleeve hoodie, are also available, jacket, Varsity jacket, pillows, mugs, mobile phone Casing is also available here and much more biased you buy at an affordable price, in you biased buy goods with the results of your own design or purchase with an existing design how interesting, isn’t it, of course you do use biased payment Bitcoin (BTC).

And if you are a designer who had a variety of interesting ideas you can make money on this site by opening its own stores selling a wide variety of paper designs that you have created so that every purchase of goods which you design you will get a royalty.

OK I will explain a little how to join at

1.       If you haven’t registered yet, please sign up here, after the registration process is completed you biased login here.

2.       Select the product you want to buy, want to design your own or select an existing product.

3.       Proceed to payment, fill in the full address of the shipping destination and for the payment do not choose lupe Bitcoin Payment if you guys want to make a payment using Bitcoin.

4.       The process is complete please send bitcoin address to the address listed, try the bitcoin amount delivered corresponds to that in the process of running transactions have the lancer.

That’s the stages how to Shop Online Using Bitcoin on, The first article I this time may be useful for all readers.