How To Buy Hosting Using Bitcoin Payments (BTC)

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How to buy Hosting Using Bitcoin Payments (BTC) || Hosting is a place to store data or coding we make, so our website can be online and can be accessed anytime, Namecheap is one of quality hosting provider, the payment day using bitcoin more prevalent in different marketplace, payments using bitcoin’s getting famous in the bitcoin price add more higher and while this article in make commodity markets at a price bitcoin Bitcoin for Rp. 10,500,000/1 BTC, joyful create all user bitcoin if prices keep going up bitcoin let alone make exact price increase traders bitcoin is a blessing in itself, let us go back to the main discussion topics, namely how to buy Hosting Using Bitcoin Payments (BTC) to my article this time I will discuss the purchase of a hosting site namecheap and follow to tahapan-tahapannya as follows :

1. Namecheap account has

For all of you who do not already have an account please register here namecheap.

2. Namecheap account login

If you already have an account with namecheap please login here.

3. Choose the type of hosting you want

After you login go to this URL to select hosting type, for the web that was new you can select the type of “Value” or “Professional”, if the visitor is already much you can upgrade to the “Ultimate” or “Business” SSD, There are also available two server location that is US and UK Servers servers, For a cheaper price select US Server, if the targeted visitors you guys from the European countries you can bilih UK Server Next, click the “Add To Cart”, While this article made you guys can get free website domains when buying hosting at namecheap.

4. Do a charging Account Balance

To make payment you guys can cuman bitcoin with mingisi account balance using bitcoin please do fill balancenya topup here, if the Account Balance has been filled please continue to the next stage.

5. Make A Payment

Next select the “Use a domain I own with Namecheap” If you already have a domain at namecheap and select domainya to connect with the hosting, then click “Continue” to see the total shopping hosting you guys, There is also available the “Promo Code” box if you have a promo code, to update the promo code can you guys see here, then click “Confirm Order” and select payment using “Account Funds“.

6. Congratulations you are now already have hosting at namecheap.