How To Get A Virtual VISA Debit Card Using Bitcoin

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How To Get A Virtual VISA Debit Card Use Bitcoin || Progress of the world drove very fast bitcoin one of which we can get the Virtual Debit card very easily, his balance/balance Topup was only using bitcoin so you just need to relax at home using HP or your favorite PC to get a Virtual Debit card.

Virtual Debit card that I discuss this Virtual VISA card is from COINIZY, so you can make payments of any kind in the store accepts payments via VISA, the card is not shaped like an ATM card that you have now but the horns-virtual, you just get No card, the date and the CVV Code, Experes, register now here.

Discuss about the Virtual Card Fee is very transparent, you don’t need to fear there is an additional cost of this and that because the Fee is already at the outset, tell the Fee include:

1. Card activation = + cost of Instant creation of 0.5 $

2. Monthly management fee = $1.00 per month

3. Fee per USD purchase = Free for all purchases

Then discuss about the virtual card limit, previously there were 2 types of accounts here, namely the account Verification and no Verification to see more about Fee and Limit this Virtual Card Please see here.

Next to take the stage here, please Do registration as usual.

After registration is complete you can login now then before making your card must have at least 1 balance $ so do deposite in Coinizy “My Wallet” Do you want any deposite, Deposite here using Bitcoin (BTC) after deposite sign in now you can create a virtual card is a maximum of 3 cards per account in the menu “My Coinizy Card“.

If there is a problem just contact the admin Coinizy, Meraka very quickly respond to your complaint.