Free $20 To Purchase the SSD VPS Servers Using Bitcoin

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Free $20 To Purchase the SSD VPS Servers Using Bitcoin || This time I will share how does Bitcoin mmenggunakan to buy/Rent a VPS Servers for later can you guys use to make hosting, or install tools-essential tools in windows VPS, VPS/hire purchase Intriguingly here not in count paid monthly but we pay per hour, so anytime we can create or delete an existing server, Well follow these steps:

1. Set up Paypal or Credit Cart with a $5 minimum balance due for first deposite has to use CC or Paypal and Bitcoin (BTC) can only be used to charge the account balance in the future.

2. Sign up here, it’s a unique registration code to get $20 free, because without such unique registration you only get 5 $ free, there is a difference between a $15 fair isn’t it?, you can use to run a VPS for 3 months, please sign up here.

3. Do the registration as usual, enter the requested data such as Email, Username and be sure to check email for account activation.

4. Do the deposite of minimum 5 $ to use CC or Paypal, your Survivors get extra balance of $20 then the total balance being $25.

5. If your account is already teraktifasi with deposite via CC or paypal you can now add the balance again you can now can use the bitcoin.

6. There are available a lot of server location, such as Singapore’s highly preferred by blogger-blogger indonesia.

7. No matter his OS available very much from Windows, Ubuntu, Centos and others.

8. The first article I this time may be useful for all readers.