Review BitLuna and Proof of Payment

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Review BitLuna and Proof of Payment || What it bitluna? Bitluna is a site that combines PTC, Advertise and others and provide banner ads on its site, in Bitluna also be provided Ad Packs for guys who have capital to earn 2.5% bonus every day of the amount of your investment and if the bonus has been reached 130% of the income you will be of 0.05% per day, in other words that you purchase Ad Packs are permanenen until the site closed.

Before you have to know there is some risk of air-investment in online sites, Among the sites could be closed at any time without any notice, so I hope you use your money wisely, here I am just sharing a piece of the article may be useful.

Back to  Review BitLuna and Evidence payout :

  1. Please do registration here  or here , and fill in forms to complete to register.
  2. Furthermore, login to your account, to get money in bitluna very easily see on the left there is the ” Earn Money ” you can get free money eg with ” Lucky Grid ” there you can get 0001 to $ 5 if you’re lucky.
  3. View Ads ” Every time you see the loop you will be paid $ 0001. or you can try ” View Video Ads ” you will be paid $ 0003 each ad is viewed.
  4. If you have capital you can try to buy ” Ad Packs ” Ad Packs each worth $ 5, and you can be earning was 1.25%, and when you see 10 ads every day then earnings to 2.5% of the amount that your Ad Packs buy.

It’s a little overview of earning results I get from BitLuna:

As for what bitluna relationship with bitcoin is that we can Withdraw Withdraw using Bitcoin with a minimum of $ 1 and you can also purchase Ad Packs using Bitcoin, Maybe this is just my article this time may be useful.